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50 years of NET

NET Engineering has turned 50 years old! To celebrate this special birthday, we chose to give an entire day of celebration to the people who work in NET today.

Four team building activities took place on Friday, May 27 inside the magnificent setting of the H-Farm Campus (Roncade, TV), Europe’s largest innovation hub. An opportunity to have fun and learn all together… and start again more charged and stronger than before!

The NETgames opened with an inspiring lecture-concert. Taking a cue from the work of David Bowie, we explored themes that are part of our daily work life, drawing insights capable of generating important improvements: learning to face contradictions and be brave while keeping humility and ambition in balance, going against common sense, knowing how to diversify in order to survive in changing environments, markets, and companies, having fun, and following one’s passions.

The second session was inspired by the Rube Goldberg Machines, complex, self-functioning systems that allowed us to reflect on the ineffectiveness of organizational silos and the value of collaboration.

Job satisfaction, in fact, does not stop when what I do works, but when what I do works and connects seamlessly to what others do.

During NETgames we also experienced some basic exercises of what is called the ultimate team game: rugby. Through sports practice we gained concrete experience of what it means: joining a goal-oriented culture, offering one’s support, creating group advantage, working under pressure, putting oneself in vision to provide a discharge opportunity for a colleague, moving together and inhabiting complexity.


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