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NET Engineering believes in the value of innovation, experimentation and knowledge sharing

NET Engineering has always continued to produce innovation through NETLab, its research and development centre, with the aim of making the best tools necessary available to its professionals to offer complete, futuristic and forward-looking engineering solutions. The research and development work is the result of important partnerships with national and international agencies and institutions.


NET is part of the Advisory Board of the Second Cycle (specialisation course) Mobility Engineering degree course at the Politecnico di Milano; at the same time, it also works with the Faculties of Engineering and Architecture of various Italian universities.

Sustainable Infrastructure Association

NET is a member of the Sustainable Infrastructure Association where it makes an active contribution to the ‘Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for sustainable infrastructure’ work group which aims to facilitate LCA assessment for specific construction processes.

Association for European Transport (AET)

NET is the first engineering company in Italy to enter the Board of Governors of the main European organisation of transport experts. As member of the Board of Governors, NET benefits from the network of 200 professionals, from more than 35 countries, who are members of the AET, accesses the main results of European research in the mobility sector, takes part in round tables with some of the leading players in the sector in Europe and contributes to the definition of the topics for the annual European Transport Conference.

Institute for Building Information Modelling Italy IBIMI

NET Engineering is a member of the Institute for Building Information Modelling Italy - IBIMI buildingSMART Italy, where it leads, in collaboration with the University of Padua, the working group that brings together the operators of Italian Airports, with the aim of generating a homogeneous knowledge base on the subject of BIM and playing an active role in the development of international standards, in synergy with the research carried out by buildingSMART International.

Start-ups and innovative companies

NET works with start-ups targeting the design of the future of urban mobility devising experimental public transport systems, and flexible, scalable mobility services, sharing and promoting sustainable mobility. NET also works with innovative companies and academies working on experimentation of new materials and construction technologies.

Communities of Practice

At the same time, NET Engineering promotes research and development internally in the sphere of the Communities of Practice, places for the sharing, exchange and enrichment of knowledge and participants’ skills on the topics of common interest. NET also sustains the professional growth of all those who take part in the Community.