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Giovanni Battista Furlan

Founder and President

"We are humanist engineers, we have the ability and sensitivity to capture all features of the society in which we live. In NET Engineering we design works that touch the sensitivities of the populations involved, but with an awareness: with these realities we have to deal. The humanist engineer gets among people, listens to understand their real needs. Indeed, a work well accepted is a work that will live on in the future and will be left to future generations as a value."

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Silvia Furlan


"The way I approach the role of CEO is inspired by one of the famous quotes of Julio Velasco, my personal legend: one is not a great coach when he makes players move according to their intentions, but when he teaches players to move on their own. The absolute ideal occurs when the coach has nothing more to say because the players know everything there is to know."

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