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Padua Headquarter


Our new Padua office fully reflects our identity and values.

At NET we feel we identify so much with our Manifesto, that not only do we use it as a guide in our design and business decisions, but we have also been guided by these principles in the design of these new spaces. Because just as the Manifesto tells who we are, our new offices also tell who we are.

Shared and flexible spaces designed for concentration but also for relaxing. An environment designed for our people, informal, spacious, pleasant, bright, where engineering and architecture dialogue with the arts. A place that fosters the practices of agile organization and multidisciplinarity, where everyone can recognize themselves and feel represented.

But not only that. A new home that is easily accessible from the main Italian cities, an effective location at the business center La Cittadella in Padua, where facilities and services of great interest and utility are based: the navel of the city from the point of view of business of commerce and services.

And finally, as an engineering and architectural design firm always attentive to the innovations offered by the world of research and open to collaborations with young professionals, the new Padua office allows us to be close to the prestigious University of Padua, an added value that cannot be overlooked.