• Infrastructure
  • Structure
  • Tunneling
  • Geotechnics
  • Environment
  • Hydraulics
  • Mobility
  • Architecture
  • Systems
  • Safety
  • BIM
  • Visual Design

Distinctive Skills

RFI Acqui Terme Interni DD (00000)

NET Engineering’s main distinctive scale is the ability to manage complex, multi-disciplinary projects whether related to the tender stage or project development. In addition to a specific work organisation skill (indication of the work method, division of tasks and definition of priorities and deadlines), NET Engineering pays detailed attention to project evolution times, interfacing directly and effectively with the clients and companies, collecting and interpreting requirements.

As a result of more than 50 years’ experience and its skills in all the specialist areas relating to transport infrastructure, urban redevelopment and engineering services for industry, NET Engineering is recognised for its speed of analysis and interpretation of the base project of the tender, its ability to integrate between different disciplines and rapid indication of the most feasible solutions. At the same time, NET Engineering leads the creation and organisation of the shared work environment and defines the technical documentation necessary for the development of a BIM project (OGI, PGI, BEP, etc.) while implementing the digital model from the tender stage to the fulfilment of the work.

As a result of thorough knowledge of the works designed and specific expertise in project communication, NET Engineering interprets the project material accurately, re-processing it quickly and creating a very high quality visual design product – a clear and effective communication tool for use with the various contact persons.