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We leave future generations a better territory than the one we have inherited.


We are engineering artists, because we want each project to be a work of art.
We are greatly knowledgeable of the different skillsets needed to analyse all of our projects as a whole: from defining the problems to be solved to implementing each project task, without losing sight of our overarching vision that allows us to make each project unique and effective.
We describe our projects with great care, picking a communication style that enhances the unique project features and that effectively addresses each stakeholder. We describe our projects with great care, picking a communication style that enhances the unique project features and that effectively addresses each stakeholder.


We want to be among the first independent Italian engineering and architecture companies with the ability to read our ever-changing world in order to create excellent projects together with our client.


We design mobility, urban renewal and industry solutions pioneering impeccable engineering and architectural practices in the spirit of excellence. We protect what the future generations will inherit by designing smart, shared, sustainable infrastructure.

Excellent method: We read the market’s and clients’ needs ahead of time by collaborating with them and identifying the best design solutions. We manage complex projects harnessing our high-level, specialised skillset, and our ability to always enrich it.

Excellent in our projects: We use a creative and innovative approach that leads to avant-garde solutions. We consistently deliver impeccable project results and communicate effectively to benefit all the relevant stakeholders.

Excellent internal structure: We promote an agile work environment based on timely information sharing. We value the unique talent of each team member and constantly invest in their education.

Smart method: We consider projects as a whole; we manage them by holding all their pieces together and, at the same time, recognising each piece’s specific challenges. We effectively embrace and overcome their complex nature, and we produce practical, measurable solutions.

Smart projects: We design infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with what is around it so that the new product is effective, efficient and sustainable.

Smart internal structure: We enable the professional development of each team member by training and empowering future leaders.

Shared method: We promote stakeholder engagement through clear planning, effective communication and complete information since the early stages of each project.

Shared projects: We pay close attention to the way we communicate during our projects; we invest in advanced display tools; we encourage creativity and attention to details; we carefully pick the language so that it is specific for each stakeholder.

Shared internal structure: We believe in and practice a multidisciplinary work style that integrates specialisation with a broad skillset. We internally share what we have done, what we are doing and what we will be doing because our history lays the ground for our future. We ensure that our processes are trasparent and fully visible so that each and every team member can see what the company is working on and always feel part of a team.
Sustainable method: We treat sustainability as a responsibility – not as an ideal, but rather as a practical criterion. Our method starts with a risk analysis and develops a number of possible solutions, identifying the potential downside to each one of them.

Sustainable projects: We design keeping in mind the whole infrastructure life cycle. We aim to incorporate climate change in the design, reduce maintenance needs, and minimise the environmental impact and energy consumption of the final product. We design with the utmost respect for not only the project location, but also the cultural and social environment and their evolution in time.

Sustainable internal structure: We implement new organisational practices that make our job sustainable on a daily basis.