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Gender equality and Diversity&Inclusion

Diversity_Tavola disegno 1

In 2022, NET Engineering obtained the Gender Equality (UNI/PdR 125:2022) and Diversity & Inclusion (UNI ISO 100/30415) certifications. These are recognitions of NET management policies which assess the commitment and ability of the company to overcome gender inequality at work through inclusive behaviour in the following areas: organisational culture and strategy, governance and HR processes, career opportunities and inclusion of women in the company, gender equal salaries, protection of parenthood and work-life conciliation. NET Engineering is one of the first companies in the sector in Italy to adopt specific measures for the inclusion and valorisation of diversity and the specific nature of each person, removing the organisational and cultural barriers that hamper work and the expression of each person’s professional abilities, at the same time promoting discussion and knowledge exchange as levers for development and innovation. After obtaining the two certifications, and in line with best international practices, NET Engineering is promoting Diversity&Inclusion and Gender Equality training. Sara Bagno, People&Culture Manager in NET, was appointed as the Diversity&Inclusion and Gender Equality Representative, reflecting the central position and care that NET places on these issues. In addition, a special Diversity&Inclusion committee has been set up to monitor the six-monthly progression towards removal of the cultural and organisational barriers that impede achievement of complete gender equality and inclusion in the company.